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CBeebies Music CD and DVD

This is a review of the My CBeebies Album, CD and DVD. This is the one with the yellow case. There is a similar music CD with 2 CDs instead of the second disc being a DVD. The CD only version is a bit older, so doesn't include some of the newer songs, but shares a lot of overlap.

This is a similar idea to the My First Album / My First Christmas Album CD and DVDs, but based around the CBeebies programs rather than classic songs. The main CD includes theme tunes from CBeebies programs, as well as songs used in the programmes or created as off shoots from the program. This includes most of the current CBeebies programmes. The only one that I was surprised was missing is the Balamory Theme tune, although the "Strike Up The Band" song used for Balamory play days is included.

The songs are a great hit with my daughter. There are some that she prefers more than the other, but in general the CD is a big hit.

Of course for parents "forced to listen to the songs non-stop", it's just as important what the parents think of the songs. These are intended for children, so they are not exactly going to be in the top 10, but they are generally quite good. In fact there is only one that I don't really like - which is "The Shape Song".

I'm not over impressed by the DVD though. Although it was the CD that I bought it for anyway. The clips on the DVD are professionally made, as they are taken from the CBeebies programs, or featuring the CBeebies presenters. I am however disappointed by the selection of the clips on the DVD. There is far more quality materials that they could have used, but the ones that they included are not the best. There are some music videos, some of the songs used between programmes (such as the birthday song) and some educational songs / games. These are OK, but not worth buying the Album and DVD for. The CD is good enough on its own anyway.

Highly recommended if you have children aged between 1 and 6, although for the DVD you may be better off looking at the "My First Album / My First Christmas Album" CD and DVDs.

The full list of songs on CD 1 are:

1. Bob The Builder - Can We Fix It?

2. Tweenies - Best Firends Forever

3. Balamory - Strike Up The Band

4. Fimbles - Theme

5. Me too! - Riverseafingal

6. Boogie Beebies - Theme & Kangaroo

7. Tikkabilla - Theme & Tikkabilla Jive

8. The Roly Mo Show - Theme

9. Big Cook Little Cook - The Tidy Up Song

10. Something Special - Theme & Lets Make Music

11. Koala Brothers - Theme & Helping Song

12. Barnaby Bear - Theme & I Wish I Was A Fish

13. Bill & Ben - Flobbadance

14. Boo - The Shape Song (Bedroom)

15. Brum - Brum Brum (Get Things Done)

16. The Story Makers - Theme

17. Postman Pat - New Theme

18. 64 Zoo Lane - Theme

19. Tots TV - Theme

20. Ethelbert The Tiger - Theme

21. Teletubbies - Say Eh Oh!

22. Fimbles - Boo!

23. Bobinogs - Theme

24. Shiny Show - Theme and Shiny Show Sony Medley

25. Bob The Builder - Dizzy

26. Little Red Tractor - Theme

27. Doodle Doo - Theme & Collecting Song

28. Andy Pand - Looby Loo

29. Tweenies - Have Fun Go Mad

30. Little Robots - Theme