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One of the most useful things that we've bought for our baby is Techni-Ice (Chillerz).

Tehni-Ice is like the freeze blocks that you use to keep food cold in a cold-box, but much better. I actually bought this over a year before my baby was born, and left it unused as I didn't find an immediate use for it having already got enough freeze blocks. I now know that was a mistake and Techni-Ice would have been far more useful that the freeze blocks I've been using, I only wish I'd actually used it earlier.

The pack came with 3 sheets that are flexible and little thicker than a sheet of card. After soaking them in water they get thicker (between about 1 and 3cm, depending on how well you soak them), but still remain flexible even after they are frozen. After leaving them for a few hours in the freezer the water inside is frozen.

The reason that these are so good is that:

  • They are flexible, so can be wrapped around items
  • They can be cut to size to fit your cool bag
  • They stay cold a lot longer than normal freeze blocks

Basically we wrap these around our baby's milk bottle(s) before putting the bottle and techni-ice into a cool bag. We have two different bag, one fits two bottles including a cut down techni-ice and the other fits 3 bottles with a full techni-ice sheet. Using these bags the milk will still be cold at the end of a long day, at least as cold as if they'd been in a fridge.

I've not tested the claims of the chillers lasting for days, but they certainly last for a full day.

I bought mine from the Caravan, Boat and Leisure show at the NEC, but they are available to buy online at:

and they are also available from: Lakeland, but not listed on their website.